It would be dreamlike, if every living being (stones, plants, animals, humans and living beings of other planets) is and remained free.

I believe in peaceful coexistence without wars, internally as well as externally. Even small conflicts of trying to gain control are bad ideas, I believe. Unfortunately, small conflicts can sometimes turn into big conflicts or wars.

Each individual can contribute to make this world at least a little freer and more peaceful. You just have to start with yourself, question your own thoughts and try to develop ideas that can be implemented. Fortunately, I live in a democratic country and therefore have it certainly easier to talk, but it would be my dream for you.
Since I was a little child I liked to hang around and visit cemeteries and old buildings. Early on I wore unusual things (especially colorful, but now notably black) and also admired other people who have the courage to stand out from the crowd, no matter what.

I like to deal with art, music and culture, which is totally diverse in the area of gothic and includes many genres.

Also, I have never experienced such a peaceful, reserved and friendly scene as the Goth scene. Here you can be as you are, with all the problems and hardships that one has. I like to deal with the hope, love and inner struggle in my pictures. I hope to contribute to give people courage and I am happy when I can give some confidence.

Of course, it may be that my pictures are eventually valuable assets, but do not buy them because of that. Buy them to draw strength and joy or whatever moves you. I think you can use more of that, right?
The theme of eroticism has accompanied me forever in my paintings. First in my fashion drawings at the age of 14, later I became a model for artistic photography by chance, where the sensual area was most important to me (no porn). Even today I regularly make self-portraits, gladly with one of my fetishes: pantyhose in all colors and patterns and of course with "Real Nylons". *dream Sensuality is simply the most beautiful thing in the world. It is also nice that almost everyone defines it differently. So there are 1001 possibilities, together and alone. You can still be good when you are dead. (Please always exclude violence and coercion! Sensible is the Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC) rule )
I look forward to fascinating encounters at exhibitions, fairs and parties, which I visit regularly, and I am happy to answer all your questions there. Privately, on the other hand, I value my peace and quiet, which I need in order to be creative.

I also enjoy working with other artists and models who are fitting to me and my attitude towards life, both in front of and behind the camera.
Being prudent with yourself and the environment is necessary, in my eyes, to sustainably rid the world of garbage and other environmentally harmful things. Of course, it is more laborious, sometimes more expensive and you usually do not see positive results immediately, but it is still important. Therefore, please start thinking about what you can do and be happy when you have done it. That is already a small and good step in the right direction and then keep doing it, always a little bit further. You will see how happy that makes you. It works for me. I am not perfect either, but nobody is. Nevertheless, it is important to talk about it again and again and to dream of a better world. It is up to you....
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